Introducing This North Works - The Podcast

When we very first had the idea for This North Works, we knew wanted a significant part of the project to be about putting a spotlight on people doing interesting and exciting things in their careers up north.

We were feeling frustrated that all of the careers chat was so focussed on London and we wanted to prove that you don't have to be based in the capital to be successful in the world of work. We toyed with lots of ideas - perhaps we could write blog posts about the cool stuff they were up to, or share their work on social media?

But in the end, we knew that if we were going to do things in a proper northern fashion, we'd have to have a good old chinwag with them.


And hence the idea for the podcast was born. Every week we'll be chatting to a new guest, finding out more about their career journey so far and delving into their pros and cons of living and working up north. We'll ask them how they manage to stay relevant in their industries, and find out exactly what it is that makes the north work for them.

We really hope this podcast will give you an idea of some of the awesome things that are being achieved in our region, and inspire you to go out and forge your own successful career path in the north. There will be plenty of tips and tricks shared along the way, as well as lots of discussion about why this part of the world is so special.

You can expect a brand new episode every Monday morning, and you can find them either under the podcasts section of this site, over on iTunes, or in the podcast app if you have an iPhone - just search for This North Works. We're currently trying to get the podcast uploaded to other platforms too and we'll keep you updated.

It would meant the world to us if you could rate and review the podcast, as well as subscribing if you want to keep up to date. It helps more people find us, and in turn, helps us get even more guests onto the show.

And speaking of guests - if there's anyone who you'd love to hear interviewed, please drop us a line at, tweet us at @thisnorthworks, or pop on over to Instagram (again @thisnorthworks) to let us know.

Happy listening!